RV Insurance

In Search of the Best RV Insurance in Alberta
If you dream about taking to the road in your beautiful RV you are not alone. This is a common dream that many people share and if you are fortunate enough to live this dream, life can be very good. However, unless you prepare for the unexpected with the right kind of RV insurance in Alberta, you could be setting yourself up for financial disaster.

Who Needs RV Insurance?

RVs are different than cars and some of their insurance needs are also different There are several types of recreational vehicles that you need to insure.

What is Motorhome Insurance?

Motor home insurance coverage is similar to auto insurance, so you need all the required insurance coverage mandated by law, and other important features.

  • Class C motor homes – these are very large RVs that also contain a cab over section. Most of these motor homes have cab sections that are trucks with special bodies built on.
  • Class B – this includes camper vans. They are similar to standard vans except they are specially outfitted for camping with higher head clearance and longer wheelbases.
  • Class A – these large RVs are designed to be self contained mobile homes. They are usually built on the chassis of buses or semi trucks, and the driving area is also part of the living space.
  • All terrain vehicles – ATVs are made specifically for recreation and sport and may be towed by large RVs.
  • Travel trailers – special trailers made for camping including tent trailers, bumper pull and fifth wheel trailers..

Recreational Vehicle or Motor Home Insurance Options

Here are some of the available options for your insurance:

  • Camping liability insurance
  • Emergency travel expenses coverage
  • Roadside assistance
  • replacement cost
  • contents coverage

Choosing the right insurance

You have many options to consider when you insure your recreational vehicle. That is why you should go to an insurance professional with experience such as A M Luken Insurance & Financial Services Inc.

Why Choose an Insurance Broker?

You can buy insurance from any company but how will you know you are getting a good deal or not, unless you check out many other companies? This is time consuming and also unnecessary. A M Luken Insurance & Financial Services is there to do all this hard work for you. That is our job. We find the best insurance deals to save you money and make the entire process hassle free. We are even there to make sure your claims are simple and solved quickly.

To see how easy the process of finding the right coverage for your travel needs can be. You can fill out our quote form on this page, and you are also welcome to call us at 403-225-5996 for more information on R V insurance.