Contact Your Insurance Company

Below you’ll find all of the contact information you will need to ensure you connect with your Insurance Company so that you may begin your claims process.

Rest assured, if at any point throughout your claims process, you have issues or concerns, please contact us. We’re here to support you and assist you however we can to make the process as smooth as possible.

Aviva Insurance Company of Canada
Claims: 1.866.692.8482
Service: 1.866.989.2468

Peace Hills Insurance Company
Claims: 1.800.372.9295
Service: 1.800.272.5614

Intact Insurance Company
Claims: 1.866.464.2424
Service: 1.844.389.3765

Nordic Insurance
Claims: 1.866.464.2424
Service: 1.800.268.9572

Echelon General Insurance Company
Claims: 1.866.931.0570
Service: 1.866.252.2854

RSA Insurance Group
Claims: 1.800.267.4188
Service: 1.800.267.4188

Premier Group of Companies
Claims: 1.800.235.8784
Service: 1.604.669.5211

Wawanesa Life Insurance
Claims: 1.844.318.0411
Service: 1.888.997.9965

Totten Group Insurance
Claims: 1.877.896.0015
Service: 1.866.464.2424

Claims: 1.855.535.0554
Service: 1.877.685.6533

i3 Underwriting Solutions

RiskCan Underwriting Managers
Claims: 1.877.451.5663
Service: 1.877.451.5663

Trans Canada Insurance Marketing Inc.
Claims: 1.844.849.5099
Service: 1.204.925.8276

A.M. Fredericks Underwriting Management Ltd.
Claims: 1.888.753.5727
Service: 1.888.302.9215

Special Risk Insurance Managers
Claims: 1.866.347.6128
Service: 1.800.993.6388