Motorcycle Insurance

Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance in Alberta?

If you drive a motorcycle in Alberta you have to insure it. However, one must understand how the province of Alberta defines “motorcycle” and what kind of insurance is needed. In addition, because motorcycles are relatively small, some people believe they can’t cause a great deal of damage, so there is little need for insurance. However, this is a common misconception. In fact, a motorcycle can be responsible for an enormous amount of damage along with pain and suffering. At A M Luken Insurance & Financial Services we recommend $2,000,000 of Third party liability but we do sell $1,000,000 but never less as we feel the additional $20 to $50 dollars per year is certainly worth paying for the higher coverage limit.

What is Insurance for Motorcycles?

In Alberta, a motorcycle is considered to be a motor vehicle, whether it has two or three wheels. Since a motorcycle is a motor vehicle, it is subject to the same insurance laws as cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Who Needs Motorcycle Insurance?

If you own a motorcycle in Alberta you need motorcycle insurance. However, mopeds that require class 7 licenses m t also be insured in Alberta. In addition, off road vehicles must have mandatory insurance according to the law.

Do I have to have a Class 6 License to get Motorcycle insurance?

No, we now have insurance carriers that will insure you without a class 6 license at a reasonable rate, but they would prefer you get one within a year and will give better rates if you do.

We strongly recommend that you also get a bike training course when you first start out with a motorbike. This is mostly to help keep you safe.

Mandatory Motorbike Insurance in Alberta

Insurance laws for motorcycles are the same as cars and that means you will need to take out:

  • 3rd party liability insurance – this covers claims for injuries and damages when the insured is at fault. It could be you or whoever you let drive your bike. Minimum coverage is $200,000, but we recommend two million dollars in liability protection.
  • Accident benefits – this pays for certain medical expenses involving traffic accidents. It could be for medical equipment or physical therapy. It also pays death benefits and may cover issues like loss of income due to injury or disability.
  • Family protection endorsement – will cover your passenger for your limit of liability should you be involved in an accident with a vehicle with either no insurance or only $200,000 of coverage.

Options for Cycle Insurance

Your insurance options for motorcycles are similar to cars. For example, you should have collision coverage which pays for accidents that are your fault. In addition, you may need full coverage if you have a loan on the bike. You also may want to carry:

  • Comprehensive insurance – fire, theft, vandalism, hail damage, and hazards like tree limb damage and impact with animals.
  • replacement cost
  • Roadside assistance – covers breakdowns and flat tires
  • tires and toys– which covers some accessories of the bike.

Where Can I Get Affordable Motorcycle Insurance?

If you are looking for low rates on your insurance, consider the many benefits that an insurance broker at A M Luken Insurance & Financial Services Inc can provide. Here are some of the benefits you can receive:

  • Personal service from a small brokerage
  • Insurance comparison shopping done for you
  • Motorbike insurance reviews when you want them
  • A variety of available discounts to save you money on your insurance

Why Use an Insurance Broker?

You receive several important advantages when you do business with an insurance broker.

One of the most important reasons to chose an independent insurance Broker is that in the event of a claim your broker will be there to help mediate with the insurance company on your behalf. In many cases calling senior claims managers to help move the claim along etc. Brokers will also contact and communicate with Underwriters to try to get you the best rates and the best coverage for a reasonable premium.

For example:

  • Your broker is an independent broker and is affiliated with many different insurance companies.
  • You will not have to spend hours on the Internet or make phone call after phone call to research insurance options and prices. Your broker does all this for you.
  • You can save a great deal of money on insurance premiums. In fact, the savings can be significant.
  • You will have the right insurance coverage in place for your bike, so you won’t have to be concerned with future problems when they arise.

Insurance brokers are not tied to a single insurance company because they are independent brokers. Our people are affiliated with some of the top insurance companies in the Calgary area. We can get you excellent insurance rates if you have a class 5 or class 6 license. For more information you can fill out the quote form, or call us at 403-225-5996 for more information.